Michael Mancuso founded Mickys Art in 2014, which stemmed from his own love and excitement for the world of art. Michael (Micky) wanted to bridge the gap between buyers and artists, and artists and buyers alike. And so Mickys Art was born for that purpose. In his own words, “people can go missing in the art world if no one is showcasing them”. Micky has been curating his personal art collection for over 15 years, giving him a deep understanding of the process of buying art as a timeless investment. His extensive knowledge on investments not only holds a space in the art world, as is he also Co-founder and Director of a leading financial investment firm. In essence, Micky brings experience in the realm of both art and investment to ensure Mickys Art and their buyers invest correctly, in art that retains its longevity over time.





Oliver Gabelich harbours a passion for contemporary art, fashion and interior design, and spends his time creating his own art, styling homes and directing shoots. Oliver honed in on these interests in his role at Mickys Art, where he is responsible for onboarding local and international contemporary artists for the gallery, and handpicking works for Mickys Art buyers. With unparalleled experience in curating, sourcing and commissioning artworks for homes, and an exceptional eye for the finer details, Oliver's priority is to connect Mickys Art buyers with contemporary talent and deliver them an elevated art buying experience. Building upon relationships he has developed with artists worldwide, from New Zealand to Madrid and New York, Oliver not only has a flair for sourcing contemporary pieces, but also has a deep understanding of the interior spaces in which they occupy.