Tour the globe with the Mickys art talent

From country to country, city to city, the Mickys art network runs deep. Get familiar with some of our international connections below. 


Taher Jaoui - Madrid

Having had no formal art education, Jaoui’spractice embodies the free-willed charm of a self-taught artist. Often incorporating mathematic symbology with abstract shapes and figures, Jaoui predominantly fuses several mediums such as pastels, oils, acrylics, charcoal, and spray in a call-and-response style dialogue with the canvas, producing sporadic yet refined pieces. He has forged his own spontaneous interpretation of abstract expressionism, with a graffiti-like primitive mindset. Jaoui is a worldly type, having been born in Tunisia, before studying science in Paris and now residing in Madrid, Spain.


Mark Tennant - New York

Having been exhibited across Europe and America, not only is Tennant is an international contemporary photorealist painter but also is involved in international art education. Tennant has taught museum copying workshops in both the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan in New York. His personal works, primarily in oil and acrylic, are glimpses into the window of everyday life. He takes real-life moments involving figures in candid-like moments and translates them to the canvas with an unmistakable style, retaining the motion and intensity of the moment. 


Dina Broadhurst - Sydney

With her collage-style works spanning across dimensions, Broadhurst uses2D and 3D elements, drawing cues from the aesthetic imagery of fashion, art and nature, while challenging perceptions of luxury and beauty. Living and working out of her now infamous CASA studio in Sydney, Broadhurst has steadily become a worldwidefavourite, creating works for both the private and commercial spheres. With a unique take on mixed media art, she combines digital and analogue photography and collaging techniques as well as hands-on painting to produce her highly sought-after works.  


Carlos Delgado - Toronto

Award-winning Columbian-born Delgado currently works out of Toronto, with his work reflecting worldwide sentiments of human expression and social commentary. Choosing human figures as his subject matter, Delgado uses painting techniques to obscure these figures to reflect a particular emotion, often working quickly to capture fleeting moments and distill them to the canvas. Using a broad and deliberate array of colours, Delgado’s distinct works have been exhibited worldwide, not only in gallery spaces but also as public murals. 


Mic Porter - Melbourne

Commencing his artistic journey as a street artist, Porter’s large scale “face” works were produced anonymously across the streets of Melbourne long before he exhibited in galleries and homes worldwide. Starting from a largely primitive and expressive point, Porter’s works are raw and transcend medium. Through the Victorian College of the Arts and Perrin Sculpture Foundry, Porter learnt bronze-casting techniques that added to his artistic repertoire, bringing his work in to three dimensions. 


Get in touch with us to discuss how pieces by the above artists can transform your personal collection and current space. With connections across the board, Mickys art is able to source existing and commissioned work. Tour the full network of artists to find the style that is right for your needs.

September 8, 2021