Mickys Art: A world within a world

From wall-to-wall and everything in between

Once upon a time, the distance between artist and collector seemed far and wide. Where artists had trouble seeking exposure, buyers had trouble seeking access. In 2014, Mickys Art launched, with the aim of bridging the gap between artists and buyers, but to do so by re-shaping the immersive experience of buying art. Embracing modernity, we founded an eCommerce platform and married this with our in-person consultancy and service. 


Now Mickys Art is bubbling with a proud portfolio of over 20 local and international contemporary artists, from the likes of locals Dina Broadhurst, Steven John Clark and Stanislas Piechaczec, through to international juggernauts such as Banksy, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring and Yayoi Kusama. What started as a passion project for our founder, Michael Mancuso, has become a global pipeline for the acquisition of contemporary art. 


Where once you had to physically scour the salon rooms and hallways of galleries oceans apart, and wait patiently for returned calls and e-mails from dealers and agents, we decided to make it our mission to streamline the wall-to-wall process. It was our previous personal experience acquiring art internationally for our own collections that drove us to create this platform. From the decorative buyer to the serious collector, we feel it is important to us that we offer up a unique end-to-end experience. 


In the dawn of 2021, we opened the doors at our physical space, bringing the Mickys Art experience full circle. Nestled in the red-brick paradise of Richmond, it is here that we offer private appointments for viewing and consultation. On the flip side, our in-house art advisors are readily available for remote digital consultation, transcending mediums of communication to deliver the immersive art buying experience. Virtual assistance leaves no stone unturned, no bridge that can’t be crossed.


Whether buying existing pieces or personalised commissions, each and every journey is as unique as the piece itself. Contemporary art is as alive as ever, so let us bring you piece-by-piece inside the world within a world.

August 26, 2021