On show now: Mickys art, Armadale

Billie Morris, Lani Mitchell and Taher Jaoui showcase local, international, emerging and established talent

Mickys art, Armadale opens with a curated selection of works by three of our artists, representing both local and international, and established and emerging talent.

Melbourne-based artists, Billie Morris and Lani Mitchell, and Madrid-based artist, Taher Jaoui each command a presence within our evolving roster of talent from across the globe. Pushing disciplinary boundaries, our artists express their unique artistry through embodied techniques of pouring, carving, sculpting, spraying and painting.

Melbourne-based, emerging artist Billie Morris’ tonal paintings render the human form in impasto techniques and thick acrylic, resulting in richly textured compositions. Her figurative paintings explore the absurdity of living inside a body, and the possibilities of mixed-media through additions in oil stick and ink.

With a practice based in Melbourne and developed in New York, Lani Michell is similarly interested in the feminine. Her large scale, acrylic and enamel paintings are compelling, engaging, evocative, and grand. Taking around 4 days per enamel coating to dry, and more than 5 layers used, her intuitive technique allows for an alchemical emergence. With several sellout exhibitions and interdisciplinary collaborations with names such as CHANEL, these works inject femininity into the field of Abstract Expressionism.

Also influenced by post-war Abstract expressionism, as well as cubism and other global art movements, Taher
Jaoui layers pastels, oils, and acrylics to the canvas in a way which is impulsive and unconstrained. Painting out of his studio in Madrid, Spain, Taher Jaoui’s theatrical compositions are a rich assemblage of symbols and formulas inspired by his background in computer science and mathematics. Jaoui has exhibited in New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Dubai and Johannesburg among others. 

Be in the presence of artwork by Billie Morris, Lani Mitchell and Taher Jaoui on show now at Mickys art, 13A Rose St, Armadale

August 22, 2022