The art of Floral by Les Salon Aux Fleur

Mickys art pays homage to the gallery’s previous life

From flower shop to contemporary art gallery, Mickys art puts its footprint at 13a Rose St, Armadale, but not without paying homage to what came before. To commemorate the gallery’s previous life as a flower shop, we decided to work with local florists at Les Salon Aux Fleurs to create a floral installation on view from the street.

Le Salon Aux fleurs offers bespoke floral bouquet arrangements, which are personalised and unique. They use produce from local growers and work intuitively with the seasons.

Suspended from wires at the front window of our Armadale gallery, the installation will evoke warm memories from locals and welcome new visitors into our space to explore fine art alongside the art of floral design.  

August 17, 2022