an exploration of light, matter and patience

Born in Penza, Russia where he first studied art, and working out of Berlin where he completed his education at the Universität der Künste, Lev Khesin brings a unique contemporaneity to the colour field legacy. Formed through hundreds of layers of silicone, Khesin’s paintings are an exploration of light, matter and patience. Needing several months for each piece, the artist uses spatulas and squeegees to stir pigments into the transparent mass prior to spreading them on the surface.

Depending on the position of the viewer and the time of day, Khesin’s paintings mix and oscillate in their various shades. A single beam of light can bring a deeper colour to glow, mysteriously diffuse or disperse. Unplanned and emerging gradually in an interactive process, the viewer is left questioning what lies in the underbelly of such dark and enigmatic works of art.

July 20, 2022