What does Mickys art look for in an artist?

Mickys art represents an international roster of emerging and established artists, working across various styles and mediums. We are committed to continuously evolving our portfolio while also nurturing ongoing relationships with our current artists. When onboarding new talent, Mickys art looks to fill gaps in our current pool, to ensure a well-rounded and dynamic selection for our clients as well as offering category exclusive representation to our artists. We are constantly seeking out new artists which fit our gallery’s mission and style, and are astute at locating and identifying raw talent with real market potential.



Mickys art looks for artists with a particular style and aesthetic. Many of the works we select and commission are large scale, contemporary paintings with a moody presence. Many of the artists we onboard are influenced or draw from the aesthetics of street art and culture. We look for artists who’s work is bold, striking and unique. We are searching for juxtaposition, balance, cohesion and disruption all at the same time. 



Mickys art is open-minded to the infinite ways that artists create. Sometimes, we seek out artists who are academically trained, refined, and technical in their approach to making art. Other times, artists with a more raw and impulsive technique catch our attention. Regardless, we are interested in the process of making art, and seek out artists who work in interesting ways. Many of our artists have thought well outside the box in their approach to their chosen medium. 



Mickys art understands the importance of colour in changing the look and feel of a space, and evoking certain emotions. We seek out artists who cherish the role that colour plays in their work, and who have a natural eye for impactful combinations. Collectively, the artists within our roster use colour which is moody, sometimes complementary and sometimes contrasting, deep and rich, bold and subtle, and often symbolic.



Mickys art onboards artists who work with varied subject matter. Many of our artists explore abstractions, eliciting strong emotions and referencing narratives in their undercurrents. Others explore figuration - pushing the boundaries of what makes up human bodies and other forms - through unconventional media, techniques and compositions. In both cases, Mickys art looks for artists who explore subject matter which is current, provoking and relatable to our audiences. 



One of our biggest priorities is creating a network of artists and like-minded creatives who are passionate, driven and reliable. While our emerging artists have documented commitment to their practice and career growth, our emerging artists combine raw talent and unteachable creativity with ambition. Mickys art is committed to onboarding artists who demonstrate market potential and a desire to share their work with future generations.

July 13, 2022