From it's conception in 2014, to a new Armadale flagship in 2022

From our conception in 2014, Mickys art was founded from a passion of art, creating, culture and the sub cultures that supported the artworld. Established originally as an online platform to connect first time buyers and collectors to contemporary talent globally, Mickys art enters Armadale with a flagship gallery opening in July 2022.



Clients have the ability to immerse themselves in our roster of talent, discover an artist and a piece that talks to them, then either buy a work that's readily available or work with our creative team, and the artist, to have a unique piece made specifically for a wall in their home.



For many, the art world can seem like a place for insiders only, but many forget that people from all walks of life exist in this space - creating, working and sharing their passion for art.  Mickys Art founder, Michael Mancuso, got to where he is today by experiencing art from an early age. “My mother worked at Christie’s as well as other prominent Melbourne art galleries as a Valuer/Gallerist. At the exhibitions, I worked as a bartender from the age of 15-17, so I was around that world and gaining insight early. Over time, I watched the price increase of certain pieces and that’s how I discovered the collecting and dealing side of things. I became fascinated with the art economy and wanted to start investing in it. I definitely feel like I had an eye for what would appreciate in value. I also used to spend countless hours researching and reading on emerging talent,” Michael explains.


Michael’s interest in street art and the subcultures supporting the art world had him investing in works by Blek Le Rat and Invader from a very young age. He bought pieces for $1500 - $15,000 that are now worth $300,000. Michael funded the purchase of his first home, an engagement ring and his wedding through buying and selling works, and has fine-tuned an innate instinct to identify talent and what will appreciate, before the rest of the market. Michael's art collection now boasts work from sixteen artists including indigenous contemporary artist Reko Rennie, Adam Cullen, Steven John Clark, INVADER, Blek Le Rat and so on.



Mickys art became bricks and mortar in 2021, just before the partnership between Michael and now business partner Oliver Gabelich (Artistic Director) formed. The pair share an eye for surfacing contemporary talent and the pairing of art with the Australian architecture and interior design landscape, and are due to open their Armadale flagship in July as a gallery and design consultancy - eight years in the making.


OLIVER GABELICH (Artistic Director)

Oliver curates art collections for clients that talk to the space each piece will inhabit, ensuring the collection is geographically diverse and collects from various styles, disciplines and career cycles. “I’m inspired by the pairing of classicism with contemporary art and the bridging of art curatorship with interior design thinking. I like disruption and the wow factor. I like the look of styles that juxtapose the age of the home and talk to the tonality of certain rooms,” Oliver explains. 


He is passionate about the execution of art curatorship inside a home and the pairing of art with the Australian design landscape. In his opinion, it is the most prominent in the world.


CURATED by Mickys art

CURATED by Mickys art is an art advocacy and design consultancy that connects the interior design language with contemporary talent, both emerging and established to create impactful residential environments. “At its core it is a made-to-measure, art centric buying experience, providing unique accessibility for our clients to some of the world's leading contemporary artists,” Oliver explains.


The program boasts a roster of forty artists globally and enables clientele to have their favourite pieces uniquely reimagined at a size that fits their wall/s. It's experience driven and provides incredibly rare accessibility to the artists' studio, ensuring clients buy what they love and that it fits a specific wall in the home.



Dedicated to unearthing raw talent from the corners of the globe, this program provides a platform for trajectory where artists spend time with our creative team to roadmap bodies of work for exhibition. This is designed to break barriers and explore new ideas, techniques and mediums.


The Mickys art residency program enables artists to work at scale and paint pieces for clients on the walls of the gallery and in curated spaces. The program builds communications around their practice and connectivity to collectors, creating consistency in their profession.



Our Armadale gallery will provide a new home for our artists and global design studio for our projects as we continue to connect our clients with international talent.

Mickys art, Armadale, is a place to explore available pieces from a roster of international talent, or work with our curator and creative team to plan a piece that’s made-to-measure, specific for your wall.


Mickys art will open its Armadale flagship at 13a Rose Street in late July, 2022.

July 4, 2022