Ian Rayer Smith: From Manchester to Melbourne

Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Ian Rayer Smith, painting out of his Manchester studio

Painting out of his studio in rural Manchester, British painter Ian Rayer-Smith uses both oil and acrylic paint to fuse abstraction, the figurative and the surreal. “In a world preoccupied with technology, there is something remarkable about painting,” he states, with reference to his visceral, yet emotional works on canvas. Rayer-Smith prioritises the process of painting over the outcome, and this is conveyed in the composition and movement of his paintings which can take anywhere between an hour to a year to complete.


Rayer-Smith draws inspiration from master painters, but seeks out new forms which carry emotional weight. Despite beginning his artistic career later in life, Rayer-Smith has encountered a dramatic trajectory into the art world: attracting the attention of prominent collectors, winning several awards, and being featured in various international art publications. He currently works with galleries in London, Melbourne, Paris, Lille, Lyon, LA and Florida.

February 16, 2022