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Michael Porter


Michael ‘Mic’ Porter

Michael went to the VCA, finished in 2003 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in sculpture and for the following eight years worked for his VCA supervisor at Perrin Sculpture Foundry, where he had the opportunity to learn modern and traditional bronze casting techniques.

The foundry offered the privilege of working with many of Australia’s leading artists on the execution of major commissions.This time enabled the production of two large bodies of work which resulted in two major solo exhibitions.

Michael works in a range of different media including large scale murals, bronze, stone and timber sculpture, painting and printmaking. New materials and new technique inform his work and it is constantly evolving.   

 'Art is not just about technique. I believe that it is also about the mysteries of creativity and the ways in which creative people serve to enrich our understanding of who we all are.' Michael Porter

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