Los Angeles-based artist Brigitte D’Annibale merges seemingly disparate objects and ideas into harmonious and deeply contemplative works of art. Her physically demanding, mixed-media process combines materials such as bits of canvas from earlier works, old architectural drawings, vintage textiles, reclaimed teak, oxidized copper, and encaustic wax, which she builds up, melts down, carves into and drips over to create depth, foreground, pattern and emotion. Her heavily tactile compositions reflect a socially complex and emotionally layered society. 


20 years of the artist’s life spent living in a close-knit community in Hawaii has had a profound impact on her practice, which reveals the “never-ending banquet of amusement” that is LA. Post-pandemic, D’Annibale seeks to channel community stories of hope and joy through found materials and their previous lives, while continuously pushing boundaries and railing against the norm.