Trained in Florence and now working out of Northern Wales, British painter Richard Zinon boasts an extensive arts education. He has studied at the Angel Academy of Art atelier, the Accademia di belle arti di Firenze, the Florence Classical Arts Academy, and Il Bisonte – Foundation for Art and Printmaking. He is represented by galleries across Europe and the UK and has exhibited in exhibitions and art fairs internationally, as well as completing a residency at Alzueta Gallery in Madrid, in 2021.

After decades spent working and teaching art, the artist has an acute understanding, knowledge base and is well versed in art historical practices and methodologies. Zinon combines his mastery of traditional techniques with innovative use of colour and form. From a limited palette favouring muted tones, his abstract compositions explore light, shadow and depth inspired by the renaissance masters of chiaroscuro. He also draws influences from Japanese calligraphy in his broad, gestural brush strokes and inky shades of black. Many of Zinon’s works are created intuitively, and often within a single sitting. The artist centres the action and energy of painting within his practice, and encourages the viewer to linger on his paintings in order to grasp their beauty.