Painting out of his studio in Brooklyn, New York, North Carolina-born artist, Ben Evans, exposes and normalises what people do behind closed doors. Ben received his B.A. from UCLA in 1997, and was honored to work for the Art Department there after graduating. Ever since his 2018 exhibition, KINK, at Guy Hepner in New York, his career has taken off with shows across New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Italy and Australia. With increasing instagram fame and expanding market success, Evans has garnered attention from high profile collectors and celebrities. His work currently sits within the private collections of names such as Dua Lipa.


Initially taking influences from “bad” graphic design and its arbitrary use of colour, Ben’s career has evolved from drawings to large scale paintings. Known for his angsty style, Ben Evans depicts mundane aspects of millennial life in ways which are ironic, fun and spontaneous. The artist describes his artwork as extensions of his own dark humour and sarcastic disposition. His style sits within “a realm of cartoon-ized imagery that exists in between reality and fantasy.”


While some of his earlier works are inspired by the home; the interiors that the artist deems familiar, some of his later works explore the surrealist elements of outdoor settings such as poolside scenes and tennis courts through flat, blocked colour. A sense of melodrama is simultaneously captured through the treatment of figurative elements; exaggerated facial features, hands and feet either highlighted or cast in moody shadows. “The figures are meant to embody the viewer and stand as something we can see in all of us.”