Billie Morris is a multidisciplinary, Melbourne-based emerging artist. In a perpetual state of intense enthusiasm, she aims to steadily develop her practice and to convey something to the viewer. Attempting to make sense of the absurdity of living inside a body, her work portrays human figures, and seeks to blur the lines of gender and beauty standards. Self documentation is an important facet of her work, extending to a somewhat obsessive collection of items; tickets, receipts and hand-written notes from which she draws inspiration.  

Billie Morris’ recent practice engages with the medium of paint, in larger-scale abstract figuration. Her tonal paintings render the human form in impasto techniques and thick acrylic, resulting in richly textured compositions. Her figurative paintings explore the possibilities of mixed-media through the additions in oil stick and ink. Her evolving practice continues to garner increasing attention from collectors and first time buyers in the Australian art market.