Melbourne-based design studio, denHolm, fuses furniture with fine art. The artist behind the studio, Steven John Clark, works predominantly in chalky, white-washed South Australian limestone to create bespoke pieces of furniture art which respond to the space they will inhabit. The Scottish-born artist is fascinated by the material’s rich texture, colour and unique character, stating that it is sometimes sourced with whole shells inside. Conceptualising his designs either on paper or the walls around him, Clark transfers his sketches directly onto the stone before manipulating it by hand, hammer and chisel to create unique forms with tactile, visual and visceral properties which exceed their functional use. 

Having left his trade in construction at age 18 to study fashion, Clark’s career followed an unconventional path, moving between stonemasonry, fashion and art, and merging them all within the ethos of denHolm. Named after the small Scottish town  - population 600 - in which Clark grew up, the studio does not seek to offer factory made, self assembling pieces. Clark’s intuitive and process-driven creations are collected globally and have featured in the internationally acclaimed publication, Wallpaper, among others. Intriguing and evocative, denHolm is well regarded in the Australian design landscape. The studio was recently showcased at Melbourne Design Fair: presented by the NGV in collaboration with Melbourne Art Foundation during Melbourne Design Week, 2022.