Melbourne based design studio, Cordon Salon, works collaboratively with artists and artisans to create distinct and innovative functional artworks and designs. Since its foundation by artist and designer, Ella Saddington, in 2018, Cordon Salon has developed pieces for both a local and international clientele, and exhibited in numerous group shows at venues such as Alt.Material, Friends & Associates and At the Above Gallery. Cordon Salon has also had experimental work on show in solo exhibits at Sophie Gannon Gallery (2021) and Compound Interest Gallery (2019).

Driven by curiosity in the lost, forgotten and overlooked, the studio focuses on research and experimentation to reimagine and discover new concepts, processes and outcomes. Cordon Salon’s creative director Ella Saddington says, “Our intention is to highlight a rather remarkable antiquated process. Each piece is individual and completely unique”.

Their recent series of handmade mirrors transform transparent glass into a mirrored surface, and incorporate multichromatic finishes. These mirrors playfully explore the nature of colour and perception, and embody the studio’s commitment to experimentation, whimsy and collaboration as a method for design. The different colours bordering the straight edges of the rectangular glass frame, seep towards the middle to create a curvy, reflective pool in the centre. Seemingly fluid and iridescent, Cordon Salon’s mirrors are developed in accordance with colour theory and psychology.