Fascinated by the medium of paint and its possibilities, Farnham-born artist, Ian Rayer-Smith found himself propelled into a career change from entrepreneur to a full-time artist at the age of 36. Since completing a degree in Visual Arts with Honours at the University of Salford, he has encountered a dramatic trajectory into the art world: attracting the attention of prominent collectors, showcasing in countless exhibitions, winning several awards, and being featured in various international art publications. Rayer-Smith now has his own gallery in Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter, as well as a large painting studio. He is currently represented by galleries in London, Melbourne, Paris, Lille, Lyon, LA and Florida.


Ian Rayer-Smith uses both oil and acrylic paint to fuse abstraction, the figurative and the surreal. “In a world preoccupied with technology, there is something remarkable about painting,” he states, with reference to his visceral works on canvas. Rayer-Smith prioritises the process of painting over the outcome, and this is conveyed in the composition and movement of his paintings which can take anywhere between an hour to a year to complete. He invites his audience to “sense the energy” in how the materials have been applied within his paintings.


Channelling the dynamic and instinctual brushwork of the Abstract Expressionists, Ian Rayer-Smith’s signature paintings are charged with raw emotion. Layering influences from the composition, light, movement and classical feel of the Renaissance to contemporary culture and his own personal experience.