You find yourself in a city unknown. All of the street signs, shopfronts and billboards display a language which you do not speak, nor recognise, and yet your attention is still called to attend, to participate, to engage as no part of the visual field, the watched screen, is off limits. Seemingly in a passive manner, over time, you learn this language through constant unavoidable exposure and soon you forget those other possible meanings and indeed those other possibilities. 

The core of my practice presents and arranges particular ‘art’ materials as a means of creating analogical models or investigations into ideas of meaning-making within contemporary global society. Although presented as paintings, much of the work is sculptural in nature and pushes boundaries between static and dynamic by exploring the edges of wet and dry materials and indeed the common associations of the materials themselves. The tone is playful, rather than austere, as a means of engaging through an element of intrigue or surprise