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Adela Kusur

Adela migrated with her family when she was only a child and began drawing at the age of four and painting at the age of five. Born to a painter, Adela could not deny her obsession with colour and quickly began experimenting with bold tones and shapes.

During her younger years she was inspired by Fauvism and expressionism. Artists such as Henry Matisse and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner preoccupied her time and she often read about their journey and the adventures that informed their art. However, Adela’s appreciation for form and shapes lead her to discover artists Ellsworth Kelly and Jean Arp and was instantly drawn to their unassuming techniques.

Adela’s fixation with bold tones and abstract shapes continues to be her main focus and has lead her to create her most recent series in various shapes of red and blue. Her work responds to an ongoing examination of identity and anomalies played out in everyday life and are specifically projected on large scale canvases to emphasize these abstract concepts that have shaped her.

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