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Michael Mancuso

Founder/Art Broker

Michael has been collecting art since he was 16 years old and has a passion for street art and contemporary art. He has built a strong international street art collection over these years and knows what to look for when it comes down to your purchase. With many connections in Australia and overseas Michael has the ability to source any work that you’re after at the best price.

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Ken McGregor

Ken McGregor is an artist manager, consultant, curator and collector of contemporary world art, a specialist in Aboriginal art and a facilitator of art related projects. He is widely recognised for his dedication to the industry and has been invited to open numerous exhibitions and to judge and award various art prizes.


He has organised exhibitions in Australia, Asia, USA and the UK, and is the author and producer of more than thirty art related publications, including Australia’s greatest living artist, John Olsen’s, last five books. He is credited for bringing to Australia three of the greatest international street artists, Blek Le Rat from France, D*face from England and Swoon from America.


McGregor is an informed commentator on many issues associated with the arts, he lectures frequently, has travelled extensively and has worked and lived in Africa, Europe and Russia. He now lives in Melbourne and is a key connection in the development of the Art Series Hotels.

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Alex McCulloch

Alex McCulloch has over 13 years experience in the art industry. Alex has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Art History and Philosophy and a Masters of Art Curatorship degree from the University of Melbourne. Alex began his career in the art world in 2001 working in various positions including Sotheby’s Auction House and Art Associates Australia. Alex has curated exhibitions for some of Australians greatest artists such as John Olsen, Michael Johnson, Criss Canning and some of the worlds best known street artists including Blek le Rat, D*Face, Swoon and Hush.

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Paris Taranto

General Manager

With deep family roots in the fashion and arts industry, Paris quickly became an avid supporter of the arts from an early age. From her extensive travels, developed academic training and international work experience, she has developed priceless skills and connections to add to the family at Micky’s Art.

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Caitlin Leishman


Caitlin‘s interest in art begun as she trotted around after her artistic Aunts during her childhood.  She now enjoys discovering new artists and exploring the ever changing Melbourne artscape.  Looking to continue learning about the industry led her to begin writing about what she saw, thinking a little more about it.  Caitlin plans to keep her eyes open and pen to paper, as no story is too big or small.

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Alchemy Oliver

From an early age, Alchemy’s passion for the Arts has driven her development as a practicing visual artist and photographer. Recently graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Monash University, she was awarded a scholarship to participate in the Monash Prato Venice Biennale Arts Project. Alchemy is now expanding her portfolio of work and currently studying Fashion,Textile Design and Merchandising at RMIT. Her personal style and fine art knowledge and practice make Alchemy a grea asset to the Micky’s Art marketing team.

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"The advice & guidance I received from Micky and his team surpasses exceptional - I love my new Cullen!"

Samantha Cordingley, New Art Enthusiast